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We finally finished the Dayoldblue clothing website.
They are a T shirt printing service with the latest  technology.
They asked us to make a cool  website with their branding style to target young designers who wants to print tees.


We’re currently working on a very exciting project, a webshop. Although its almost holiday time for us, we still eager to finish this project as soon as possible. Hopefully will be finish quite early next year. We’ll update soon for more information.

Working on CONSULT email newsletter …

We were on our way to meet with some friends when we received this email from Logo From Dreams. It said that Razel logo has been selected to receive logo of the day award for September 21 2008. To be honest, we’re not familiar with Apparently its a website where the admins chose logo of the day and at the end of the month they will chose logo of the month and at the end of the year, logo of the year. It is a good concept indeed, and hopefully we can win logo of the month for September.

Abert Judiyanto is a young and talented Jakarta based photographer. Albert has  always been known with his ‘in the moment’ snapshots of Jakarta’s youth. We are now working with him compiling a book for his photography collections. Visit his blog to view his works.

We designers, especially us, always crave for a good design book. That’s why if we have spare time we always go straight to our local bookstores to for browse design books. This book is not really new, but its been our fav for the last several months, The Best of Brochure Design 9. Anyone who has passion for publication design like us should have and read this book for sure.

To vote and view the logo on click here

The video is finally finish. The collaboration between us and Razif J. is a good one indeed. Please enjoy the video. Intro Graphic by Consult, Motion & Video Razif J.

This is the refine logo for Razel Music. We submit this to, hopefully it would be interesting enough for them.

We already have our own website address now, but unfortunately it is still under construction. For now its just a normal splash page. Hopefully we can finish it as soon as possible.

Today we were brainstorming about the design for Razel website. We came up with this design and incorporated the video, that been edited by our lovely friend R.D., as the main element. Later on we will try to upload the video.

This whole week we were moving furnitures and decorating our new studio space. There still a little bit cleanning and arranging furniture to be done, but we can say it’s nearly finish.

Consult studio is still renovating. We will moved to The Core Building, 101/441 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. Hopefully next week we can move all the studio furnitures and start working.

Living Room On The Bay is a new Australian-Indonesian modern restaurant located in Walsh Bay, Sydney, Australia. They need a logo and Consult came up with these two options for them. A simple typography with a rounded square to give it a modern look.

Consult also re-designed the Living Room website, by giving a more sleek and professional finish into it.

Hi, we’re a graphic design studio based in Sydney, Australia called Consult Visual Influence. We specialize in print, publication, idendtity, web design, and soon motion.

On this blog, you can find our work in progress and other updates regarding with the studio. Please feel free to contact us for any inquaries or just to say hello.